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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Control Actions to Succeed

Success is a proper plan put into action. There are 2 parts in this. The first half is to plan. There is no success without proper planning. The second half is the plan put into action, which is important than the actual plan. If we consider ‘Success’ (criteria differs amongst individuals) as the Goal, then, each one of us certainly wanted to shot a Goal at some point of time in our life. But, not all does really achieve success in our life. Many times, we look at our neighboring people who have attained success in his/her life and keep telling to ourselves they’re ‘lucky’ or ‘born to win’ or ‘it’s not my cup of tea’.

One day a Student walked to his Guru and asked, ‘Guruji, I wanted to know how a man can attain success in his/her life?’ The Guru replied, ‘it’s very simple. Like, how a shaft controls a boat steering in a particular direction, similarly a man should impose ‘tough discipline/control’ on his/her action for success. A man should have:

Physical Control
Have tough control on your bodily needs and motives.

Moral Control
Be honest to yourself and others. One can deceive others, but not their own Heart. You’re answerable to yourself. So, as far as possible follow ethics and be humble towards others.

Spiritual Control
Believe in your religion and it’s principles. But, at the same time embrace different religion and culture you encounter in your daily life.

Emotional Control
Keep aware of your mental state of mind. Determined Emotional Quotient (EQ) is essential for one to understand oneself and also helps in understanding and defining a boundary of control while interacting with others.

The above 4 listed mantras are interconnected to each other. While working towards success, we all encounter different situations and greater challenges on day-to-day basis. Let’s keep promise to ourselves not to give away our basic values, while achieving success in our life.

Let’s practice ‘Controlled Action’ to create our own success mark.

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