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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Selecting a Right Mentor...

“If you can tell me who your heroes are I can tell you how you are going to turn out in life?
-Warren Buffet

Relationship exists everywhere. At any given point, we’re one way or the other reciprocating relationship towards others. The relationship can be personal or professional. In our professional life, we carry multiple hats either like a, Trainee, Trainer, Manager, Coach, or Mentor, etc. Recently, I read in an article which says, “…..if you’re looking out for a mentor, first you mentor someone……”

The following article shares my thoughts on finding out a right mentor.

A mentor is a person who builds a relationship with us, helps us realize our fullest potential and guides us throughout our life. A mentor shares his knowledge and insights, thereby increasing our wisdom. Selecting the right mentor is an interesting, yet challenging task. Before we even try and identify our mentor, we must brainstorm and find answers the following questions:

1. Do I really need a mentor at this point in my life? your clarity in thought
2. Where am I now and what do I want to becomee? direction
3. Whom should I select as my mentor? in identifying the right person

Throwing greater insight into the above questions will trigger our mind in arriving at a sense of clarity in thought and to see for ourselves as where exactly we are navigating at present in our life, both at the professional and personal level.

Finding a mentor is a two way process, and each person needs to reciprocate the other through a common medium called TRUST. A mentor is any caring person, who develops an ongoing one-to-one relationship with us and provides the right direction to our life.

Considering the following while selecting a right mentor right:

Do SWOT analysis -Doing a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis, will help in understanding your personal ‘performance metrics.’ It will help in prioritizing your goals.

Begin with the end -Visualize what you is your vision -be it in professional or personal.

Choose a mentor ahead of your PATH -Select someone who is already ahead of you in your career path or one who has already reached your desired destination.

More than One -Interview more than one potential mentors with whom you can build the right kind of relationship. Many times one individual may not have all the required skills that you are looking out for and more than one mentor is needed.

Approachable -Mentoring is a continuing process, hence, select a person who is more assimilating and can be easily accessible.

Do it Right Now -Action speak more than words. So start acting today and don’t be discouraged by the obstacles you experience in your PATH. No mentor is perfect. The great ones are more than likely not the first ones you obtain. So get started so that you can get to the right ones when they become accessible.

Mentorship is a cyclic process. Whether you’re a Mentor or Mentee, approach the whole process with Commitment to reap Success.

Happy Weekend!


sumanth krishna said...

Hi Ganesh,
That's a nice post on "selecting a Right Mentor".

Can you suggest some actions/home work that I need to do, so that mentor of my choice would be happy to mentor me.

That would be really helpful!
Nice blogging :)

Ganesh Ram Anand said...

Hi Sumanth,
Thanks for your comment.

I will write to you soon.