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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thought for the Day!

Recently, I came across wonderful lines which touched me personally and wanted to share with you all. Many times be it in our professional career or personal life, we always just wanted to have immediate result and focus all our energy towards it, rather than looking at the BIG PICTURE! Here is a citation that is very simple to read,but, the message it conveys makes a lot difference to ourselves if digested to the fullest. (Reference - Tim Sanders Blog)

"...You need to get out of your Comfort Zone,Think Bigger about your future and get involved with something Bigger than Yourself..."

My $.1 simple question - How often we sacrifice our comfort zone and volunteer to take distinct challenges that would make difference not only to ourself, but also to others?
Few of us might already practice this,but, for the rest it's the time to flip-flop and move forward!

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