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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happiness is your Choice-Part1

Everyone wants to be happy. But, why some are always happy and some are not? The question might look too obvious. Many times we might have asked this question to ourselves only to end either with, no answer or feeling blue!

Be it a vegetable seller or CEO of a big enterprise all need happiness. Being happy brings inspiration, soothing relief for mental stress and builds positive energy to face life with SMILE.

While returning from my office in evenings, sometimes I used to have snacks at a road side chat vendor, John. He is married, and has two young school going children. Inquisitive to understand his life, I used to talk with him after chat! One day, I asked him how he manages his family with his solo income. With a warm smile on his face and calm voice he replied saying, “Sir, whether it is ten rupees or 100 rupees, all is yours! I look at what I have instead, what I do not have. Person can be happy with what he has or unhappy thinking what he does not have! Happiness is our choice.” This simple, yet powerful message inspired me to write this blog post.

There are great books available in the market about how to achieve happiness and start leading a fulfilling life. Volumes of knowledge and techniques can be gathered from these books, seminars, and even this post which you are reading now!! But, remember, Happiness should start from self. True happiness lies in your own state of mind.

Happiness is YOUR choice. Like John, each of us can lead our life happily. It’s simple, if you decide and choose to be happy then, you will be happy. This might look easy to read/write, but to achieve it requires great amount of self-discipline and practice to attain this state of mind. Definitely, just because writing this post, does not necessarily mean that am the happiest person living on this earth! But, through my continual learning and personal experiences, I am trying to manage and lead my life happily.

Like other positive energies, happiness is also a kind of positive source of energy. It shall neither be created nor be destroyed; it is a form of energy that gets transformed from one state to another!

I penned a small poem to spread Happiness across! A special thanks to my long term friend, SenthilVel for his contribution towards the poem.

“Do you think, you are the beautiful in this world?
Then, there are Millions beautiful than you!
Do you think, you are the brilliant in this world?
Then, there are Millions brilliant than you!
Do you think, you are the intelligent in this world?
Then, there are Millions intelligent than you!
Do you think, you are the smartest in this world?
Then, there are Millions smarter than you!
Do you think, you are the successful in this world?
Then, there are Millions successful than you!
But, if you think YOU are the HAPPIEST in this world,
Then, there is no one else in this world HAPPIER than you”!
'Happiness is your choice! Start storing as rain drops, to outpour rains of Happiness in your life.’

Wish all my readers a Happy Wednesday!

I welcome your comments to further sharpen my pencils!


Siddharth Kshirsagar said...

Thanks Ganesh for reminding us all again that if we run after something (HAPPINESS in this case), we will always see its back turned towards us. So the real understanding lies in the realization not following. Stop, meditate for a while and suddenly Happiness will dawn upon you. These days I too am practicing to hold a smile on my face 24*7 (wife's wish = my order :P .....but it does work guys). I wish all the readers a lot of Happiness and suggest through this medium that you all watch the Will Smith starrer - 'The Pursuit Of Happyness'. Keep smiling.

Ganesh Ram Anand V said...

Thanks, Siddharth for your thoughts.

Pratibha The Talent said...

very motivational post.

Ganesh Ram Anand V said...

Thanks, Pratibha

S.R.Ayyangar said...

Happiness is your inner feeling and you are the master. Even nova riches are unhappy because they do not feel and think of happiness.There is no need to look for it outside, just look at it inside.