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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life Goes On

Zero to Four
We crawl on the Floor
To receive attraction
Life goes on!

Five to Ten
We learn to Run
To grab attention
Life goes on!

Ten to Twenty
We shape self-identity
To gain experience
Life Goes on!

Twenty to Thirty
We earn employability
To get appreciation
Life goes on!

Thirty to Forty
We take responsibility
To get along life easy
Life goes on!

Fifty to Sixty
We acquire maturity
To make feel happy
Life goes on…

After Seventy
We reflect on life integrity
Making You feel pity
Life goes on…Life goes on…


Anonymous said...

short n sweet truth of life

Siddharth Kshirsagar said...

Wow....nice summing up of life. I like it. A few decades are skipped though. :P

subtlescribbler said...

simple,short but embodies life completely. very well expressed :)


Ganesh Ram Anand V said...