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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We Lived our Life or Our Life Lived Us’

Just imagine today is the last day you’re going to live and if someone would walk up to you and ask, Can you tell what you have done so for?.

This is a question which tells us, whether, ‘We Lived our Life or Our Life Lived Us’
Most of time we end up doing, what others wanted to do, than, what we really wanted to do. At the last minutes of our breath, if the above question is asked, we would end up regretting to the things that we could have not done, than to the things that we really have done in our Life. Here is a quick motivational thought which I came across that suit the above situation.

“Life is like a movie, immerse yourself in it!
Better YOU be the Director for it and make your life an Oscar movie!

Never permit that till tomorrow!

How many times you ever promised to yourself that tomorrow will be a better day?
Yet when tomorrow comes, nothing changes!
Before long,
Day turns in to a week!
Week turns in to a month!
Months turn in to a year!
What happens when a year turns in to a LIFETIME?”

So, lets “Better Act Now or We will become like, Water under the Bridge.”

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