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Friday, December 10, 2010

You Forget to Smile!

Wake up in the morning
Drink a sip of coffee
A quick glance through newspaper to keep you updated
Patch up with your kids to keep them keyed
Realizing time is getting late to office
Rush yourself to snatch a quick bath
And get dressed up to match up
Without even knowing eat up breakfast
Just about to leave home
Realize that your sweetheart is waiting to hug…
Life is mechanical, life is mechanical

Grasp through your emails
Just to ensure nothing essential
Immerse yourself in the office tasks
After completing your tasks and meetings
The known missed calls history in your mobile
Makes you remember it’s time to go to home
Shock to see clock stuck past late night
On the way back home ensure to pack some foodies,
Just to bribe your loved ones at home
Life is mechanical, life is mechanical

By the time you reach home
Realize your kids are almost in half sleep
Your sweetheart with a disappointing face waiting to dine
Ready to eat and sleep
Few words along the dinner with the family members
Your eyes already drown to catch up sleep
The day sunsets as you fall asleep
Life is mechanical, life is mechanical

The Sun rises again bright in the east,
To make you run through miles
Finally comes a day,
Just to make you realize
You forget to SMILE! You forget to SMILE!

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