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Thursday, February 10, 2011


As known, sometimes when we put effort to explain a concept using written text we end up saying, hey, you know what; let’s augment what we discuss by complementing a picture for it! (Ouch..Including these lines…) that’s right; A Picture is worth 1024 words!  This is the trigger which pushed me to create a new category named PICONs. I zeroed to this name as I started writing this post (I know I am bad at keeping names). So, if someone is curios to know the logic behind the name, then drop me a personal email and I will send you the fact!

So, what does PICONs do? A PICON is hand drawn picture conveying an idea and a message. Yes, I am going to create these pictures. I am not that good at drawings. If I dust through my random access memory, I could recollect that I was the first-from-last student in the drawing class during my school days!  However, I shall try to do maximum justice in creating these PICONs. Till I get a hook of it, please do bear with me.

A PICON is a theme with an idea and a message. It will capture either a current fact or abstract idea or fact derived from some reality or futuristic vision of some known thing in our life or inspirational thought.

Please do send me your feedbacks, comments and thoughts which will definitely help me to improve better. As we get along more PICONs to follow.

Jai Hind!

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