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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time to Say Thank You to 5 Elements

Imagine a life without water to drink to satisfy your thirst, fresh air to breath to keep you alive, the great lands to hold on and hug your loved ones, the wide open beautiful sky to dance with your dreams and enjoy the freedom and the fire that provides you mother's warmth and a reliable weapon to fight your own enemies like laziness, lethargic attitude to successfully leap and move forward! If any of above 5 elements is not available to us in our life, we will end up living dead!

Having said this, how many of us do really give respect (what respect!) to this essential 5 elements? Mostly everyone take casual advantage of our mother nature’s gift and end up polluting them the maximum as we can. And when asked, we simply say, hey those are available free and I need not bother about them! Then comes a day, where the nature comes back to us in the form of Tsunami, Twisters and teaches us a lesson! Remember, we are in mercy of these 5 elements and we need to realize that it is our own responsibility to keep our earth clean and green!

Time to Say Thank You to 5 Elements
 It is never too late to say Thank You to each of 5 elements as part of your morning task! I do this every day which makes me feel good. I pledge everyone to Say - Thank You and feel proud of you! Whether or not we believe in God, let’s have trust and belief in the things we see and use – the Nature!

We remember to say Thank You to someone who helped us long back and forget them after few days. But, don't we realize and agree to say Thank You to something which helps us to embrace every moment in our life, every step we move, every breath we take, every dream we achieve and does remember us all time!

Come and join me to say Thank You to our nature’s gift - Water, Land, Air, Sky and Fire!

Jai Hind!

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